Saturday, March 19, 2016

Using Games As Leverage

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Are games a huge part of you and your kid's life?  They sure are here!  At first I was alarmed at how into games my boys were, until I realised I could use them as leverage!  Hehehe...

First, I'd like to state, (Boo Hiss!) how important it is that kids don't play excessively on their gaming thing-a-ma-giggies.  It's recommended an hour a day is more than enough.  If you're like us, "Ha, ha ha..." right?!

We have found that we can get our kids to do just about anything when we hold the games over their heads.  Now, you don't want to abuse such powers.  So choose the most important things and stick with those.  For us, we say no games if you don't finish your plate because a good diet is essential.  If they come home with a failing grade or something really bad from the Juf (teacher), no games.  Finally, I use games as a way to get them to do chores.

I designed this chart to help with that and you can do the same by downloading our free version.


As you may know, we have two young boys with Autism.  So things are done around here quite differently than perhaps a more traditional home, but we think this would work great in any house. 

I've seen where the parents also hold the chargers hostage until a task is finished or as means of punishment.  Once again, don't over use this.

This will be printed, laminated and hung in a very visible place where the boys can see it and be able to cross off the chores as they are finished.  Just use one of those erasable markers you would use for a white board or print a new one out anytime you need it.

If you want your chart to look just like mine, hit up Magsgraphic Designs and download her newest addition to Geektacular.  She's got a lot of other gaming goodies and boy related digital designs.  

Simply right click, download, print, laminate, get an erasable marker and you're set!

This is for personal use only.  You may not resell or claim this design as your own.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more useful, free printables.

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