Monday, July 18, 2016

Make A Pokeball and Get The Kids Outside

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I've got another fast and easy project for you.  Check out the simple steps and see what the hub bub is all about.

If you're not living with your head in the clouds (and really, there is nothing wrong with that) then you know about Pokemon.  Like many Autistic kids, both my boys are slightly obsessed with gaming.  Pokemon Go is all of the rage everywhere and in this house, too.

Frankly, I'm a bit thrilled myself.  It's something completely new to my boys and there is motivation to go OUTSIDE.  My youngest likes to be in nature and often visits around the yard even when it is freezing.  However, my oldest is a bit of a couch potato and making him go outside is a real chore and terrible for everyone.

He tried playing Pokemon in the house, but couldn't get any good stuff.  He HAD to go outside.  hehehe...He also decided he needed a Pokeball.  Knowing that I have quite a crafty stash, I asked for an image of this ball and knew right away what to do.

I grabbed one of my many styrofoam balls and some sharpie pens, red and black.  There already was a slight line all around the centre of the ball.  I only had to follow it slowly and carefully with my marker.  I grabbed a circular something from my desk and traced around it, leaving the centre white as was on the image.

Get out your red sharpie and colour the top half of the ball.  The ink comes off a bit when it's wet, but after a few short minutes, it dries and doesn't come off any more.
See how easy?!

Now, he's ready to go hunting!

Shoes, hat, back pack and tablet in hand and they are out of the door before lunch.

Even Dino couldn't wait!  Hehehe...and the dog  might be even more happy!

We all know how healthy it is to get these kids out of the house.  This game took the boys all over our neighbourhood and they saw all kinds of things they normally pay no attention to.  Our neighbourhood is very quiet and we did go with the boys.

It is very important to remember that accidents can happen when you are not paying attention and many have happened already.  So play carefully!

Have fun with your Pokeball and enjoy the outside.

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