Monday, January 23, 2017

The Removal of Casein As A Possible Cure for Autism

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Last week we went into some detail about how diet can adversely affect behaviour and overall health.  We are continuing our research and sharing the most interesting findings with our readers in an easy to understand manner.  We are not professionals.  We are parents of two boys with Autism, looking for ways to help ease the symptoms and perhaps eradicate autism completely.

We specifically spoke of taking gluten out of your diet to see if there were a reduction in mental and physical capacities.  Check it out, here.  Testing for allergies and intolerance isn't always easy. A dietary approach can be a safe way to do this, it certainly would be worth considering.  If you do want to try these elimination diets, make sure you know of healthy substitutes by speaking with a professional.

I mentioned that diet is often scoffed at when producing the idea to medical professionals.  However, there are countless testimonials of parents who have tried these diets with success.  There is also world wide research being done showing promising results as well.

These diets are not easy, but think how much more enjoyable life could be for you and your loved ones with an ease or perhaps eradication of autism and its symptoms.  Do your research and give it consideration.

Similar to gluten, when casein proteins begin to break down, opiate receptors kick in which makes it addictive and or cause cravings.  Making it very difficult to remove from diet, but should certainly be considered for optimal health.  Again, be sure to learn the best substitutes if you are considering removing casein and or gluten from your diet.

So, in the middle of all of this research, I also came across articles saying these diets do not work.  As well as articles saying if your kid has autism, you should put them on a casein and gluten free diet.  Jeez, Luis!

In many of the testimonials I read, there were immediate results.  I certainly would assume that eliminating one or both of the products for just a couple of days or weeks would be totally worth it if you notice positive changes.

I'm on a slow path to removing gluten and dairy from our diets, but it sure isn't easy.  My husband is totally NOT on board.  How old school?  Hehehe...I plan on doing it very sneakily.  In the summer, I'll be alone a lot with my boys and I'll eliminate all gluten first and see how it goes.  Then I'll go for the casein and see how that goes.  Of course, I'll share all of my findings here in hopes of you getting a better a perspective of all of this information.

I would assume, though I'm not sure, nor has it been proven, that results will vary with each and every individual.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked if there were a cure for autism, would you bother and everyone said they wouldn't.  They didn't want their kids to change.  I'm still dumb founded by this.  To each his own, I suppose.

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I wish you the best of luck in your journey with autism.

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