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Autism Cuttables and a Free Printable That Might Just Make Your Life A Little Easier

Welcome to AuSumness where we get down to the nitty gritty when it comes to Autism.  We talk about the good, bad and the ugly all for the benefit of hopefully, helping our readers.

It seems most appropriate to write and or produce something geared towards Autism for April which is Autism Awareness month, though we believe everyday should be dedicated to this.

I'm in the middle of designing a collection dedicated to mental...issues?  I'm not sure what exactly sparked my Acute Anxiety Disorder, but that crap was heavy!  I might infer it was my kids and their Autism.  Having, let's face it, disabled kids is not easy at all.  Being a parent isn't easy.  The thought that my child will have to stay at home for the rest of his life is incredibly disheartening and a tough cookie to swallow.

 autism Cuttables

Not all parents of Autistic kids will tell you that they wished their kids didn't have Autism, but I will. When I see other kids playing like I used to play.  Doing sport, like I used to or just being involved in things outside of the home, I get sad.  I wonder if my kids will ever get married.  If they will ever drive a car.  Ya know, the things most people eventually get around to doing.  My youngest won't even get an elementary degree despite his relatively extraordinary intellect and well, that one really gets my gander.

 Autism Cuttables

So in this collection, soon to be released there will be a dominating palette of black, white and grey.  I'm thinking that is how a lot of us feel most of the time.  Those of us who are dealing with depression, anxiety, Autism and or any other mental issues.  There is also a splash of vivid blue, purple, orange, yellow...because there are also colorful moments in between the gloom and uncertainty.

Future kit, Optimism and Bit's N' Pieces Template

I get frustrated about a lot of things in regards to my kids and their Autism and it comes out a bit cheeky at times and when I post, I always try to put a funny or bright spin to it.  There is enough crap going on in the world to bring us down and it's crucial that we don't drown in all of the negativity.  We have to keep coming up for air and we certainly do NOT want to bring others down with us.

I've recently been contacted by Michael whose site, LittleDoggiesRule has a particular article about The Top Benefits Of Getting An Emotional Support Dog.  If you're already a pet lover, you might already be aware of how awesome dogs can be in regards pepping us up when we're feeling down.  I've also blogged about pets and Autism is that interested you, click here.

My anxiety was mega intense in its early stages and I'm totally going to blog about that experience and what I've done to over come it because anxiety is a huge part of Autism for the family and all of its members.  Our dog definitely helps us out at times and what I personally find best, is I force myself to get outside and take him for a walk which is essential for both of our well beings.

Let me show you some fun and cheeky cuttables I recently designed as well as share a free tool that might and will hopefully make your life a little bit easier.

 Autism Cuttables

I call the above example, whimsical because it's a bit playful and fun.

 Autism Cuttables

 Autism Cuttables

This example is a bit more grown up.  So often, when it comes to Autism it's done with kids in mind and since my kids are now teenagers, I wanted a more sophisticated version, too.

 Autism Cuttables

These are the more colorful cards that you can purchase in my shop, Kreative Design Studio.  Print them out in your best quality and on good paper.  Then cut them out and keep them in your wallets or purses until you need them. 

These cards came in very handy when my boys were small and I can still use them for my youngest, though not as much.  I've learned quickly that a dose of humility goes a very long way when it comes to Autism.

 Autism Cuttables

I've got a variety of cards for you to use depending on the situation or just how raw you want to get.  I always recommend being the example as much as possible.  Do not be surprised if someone gives them back to you or even throws them on the ground.  Just try to keep on smiling and whenever possible kill them with kindness or wit.  I often go over the top with mushy cheer and delight in perhaps what some might call a melodramatic performance and it's always shut them right up.

 autism Cuttables

You can use the cuttables for a variety of projects as you've seen.  Shirts, bags, notebooks, shoes, sneakers mugs, keychains, tumblers, backpacks...endless possibilities.  If you have a design request you can always contact me at: lmtroch@excite.com

In the bundle you will receive:

10 quotes in a whimsical font
10 quotes in the no nonsense font
1 poster on an 8x11 format saved in highest quality (double check your quality if you plan on enlarging it)
1 3x4 journal card in png format
1 8x11 page of cards with 3 different explanations (print as much as you like) in jpg format
Extra Bonus: puzzle heart, puzzle pieces in png format

All for just 5.99!

These cards are available for free.  I know how well they work in some tough situations.  Most people are more understanding once they know the situation.

 Autism Cuttables

You can check out my opinions throughout this blog.  There might be some helpful tips for you to try out as well.  Besides being a full time parent to two teens with Autism at opposite ends of the spectrum, I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education, many years of teaching experience in various public and private education systems, a minor in psychology and I'm an avid reader in pursuit of making my family and my boy's lives as happy, fulfilling and healthy as possible.  I share anything that works or makes our lives easier.

If you are looking for more free tools, you can find stuff like this.  Some of my most popular posts are, "What NOT To Tell Parents With Autistic Children", "Tips For Feeding Sensory Disordered and Picky Eaters" and there's a lot more that might interest you.  We've also got a board on Pinterest and a group on FB.

 free printable
Thanks so much for stopping my AuSumness.  We hope you'll find our resources useful and that you'll consider purchasing our cuttables from the Kreative Design Studio.

Best of luck with your Autistic endeavors and experiences.

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