Monday, June 20, 2016

Clothing Sensitivities and Autism

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We got into some pretty good conversation in our Facebook group, about clothing sensitivities and our children with Autism.  Today, we'll look at some of those.  It may even be something you didn't notice and we'll also talk about ways to avoid issues.

It's debated about the possibility of minimising symptoms of Autism.  People do this in many forms.  Some ditch the gluten, sugar and dairy to help reduce Autistic symptoms while others go for a wholistic approach from changing the environment from city to country, improving diet and trying anything they might find that will help.

Clothing may be one of the easiest fixes to help relive symptoms of Autism.  Many people with Autism cannot wear any fabric except cotton.  Even organic cotton is a super option.  Me and my son cannot stand any kind of synthetic clothing.  

A few other things are zippers, buttons, belts, hats and gloves.  Go for all cotton with an elastic waist and snaps if you have to.  The more simple, the better.  If it is possible, stay away from garments that bring on stress.

I also have to cut the tags out of my boys shirts.  

If you have children that are nonverbal, this could be a bit tricky.  Keep your eyes out for the signs of irritation and also look for ticks.  Ticks can be from over stimulation, but they can also come from being uncomfortable both mentally and physically.

No matter how cold or hot, JJ could never wear a hat, scarf or gloves.  We tried for a while and occasionally would try again and again, but we'd never push the issue.  I bought a jacket that zipped all of the way up to his chin so we didn't need the scarf and we would use the hood of the jacket to protect his ears, when he'd let us.  His hands, he'd have to keep in his pockets.

Graphic designs on clothing may also upset your children.  I've found if I wasn't certain, I'd just buy plain clothes.  

JJ also does not like new clothes at all.  I've had to give away perfectly new, unused clothes.  Even to this day.   Purchasing plain clothing was a huge help.

Shoes are our biggest issue.  We have a very difficult time at the shoe store.  If we survive it, JJ often doesn't like his shoes once we are home or after he's worn them once or twice.  Make sure there is plenty of room and that they are easy to get off and on.

Do your kids love to be naked?  Our kids still prefer the natural look.  Hehehe...We indulge them at times, by letting them play naked in the rain, but they are required to wear underwear at all times.  As long as they are warm, we don't see a big problem with this for at home, of course.

Here are some things you may consider avoiding :

-  zippers
-  buttons
-  accessories like hats, belts, gloves, scarves
-  shoes with laces
-  synthetic clothing 
-  images on clothing

Pay attention to what the likes and dislikes are before purchasing clothing with graphics on them.  Make sure the tags are not bothering your children.  You may have to use some mild forms of bribery to get them to wear particular pieces, but keep their stress levels in mind and don't use this tactic too often or it will stop working.

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