Monday, June 27, 2016

Free Summer Buck List Printables

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On my other blog, The Cherry On Top, I share digital and traditional scrapbooking projects along with tutorials and freebies.   That's where I posted these originally, but thought they would go great here, too.

These Summer Bucket lists are keeping my Autistic boys in mind.  I don't have any kind of project that my youngest might want to eat (that shouldn't be eaten) and the level of frustration should be none to minimal.  All of the crafty ideas can be found on our "For The Kids" board on Pinterest where you can get tutorials and instructions.  All of them are keeping money in mind, too.

As you may have experienced, keeping the kids busy is the key to everyone's happiness.  Be prepared with long hours of activities and if possible, give choices.  Maybe you'd rather make your own list and use our list as a guide or a starting point.

This first list is for younger kids.  Both lists use Open Dyslexic.  A font specifically geared towards dyslexia.  It makes reading less complicated for both of my boys.

This list if for older kids.  Most of the activities are free.

Make sure you check out our boards on Pinterest to add to your summer or boredom busters.  When the kids start complaining about being bored, I give them a list of options.  If that doesn't work, I put them to work.  Hehehe...  Another idea, is to have them clean out their closest of stuff they don't want.  I've also noticed when I gather a box of goodies they haven't played with for a while and tell them I'm getting rid of it, they play with it.  Ha!

Thanks for making AuSumness a part of your day.  Have a super summer!

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