Monday, November 28, 2016

Diet and Autism Continued

Welcome to AuSumness.

It isn't always easy finding the awesome in autism and that is why we made it our goal to bring you information, tips and share our experience as well as research in bite sized, easy to understand pieces.  We will be presenting information we've discovered on diet and autism.  There is quite a bit to be found on this subject.  However, some very contradictory.

Here's the outline of what we will be bringing to AuSumness over the next few months.

We're starting off with some of the basic biological components of diet and how certain foods can affect us in different ways.  We will be going a bit into detail, which is why we are breaking up the information in smaller blogs.  Of course, the gluten and caesin free diet will also be high lighted.  We'll round up the international research we've done.  I'm super curious as to how other countries and areas of the world are affected by autism and I wonder about treatment there as well.

In the second edition, we will take a more critical look at the various recommended diets for people with autism.  We will bring all of the sides of the story so that you can get the best idea of what will be the ideal diet for your autistic loved ones.

In the third installation, we'll share our links with more supportive information on diet and autism, charts to help you get started and through the process as well as recipes.

The fourth phase will be all about a well rounded, healthy way of living. So often, doctors do NOT recommend or even mention diet as a means of health improvement.  We truly are what we eat and what we eat has an amazing impact on us both physically and mentally.  There is a link between the brain and the stomach that is incredibly phenomenal.  It's almost inconceivable for one to understand.  You've heard about a gut feeling?

Join our journey on diet and it's impact on autism.  It isn't going to be easy, but the payoff could be great!  Prepare yourself by keeping an open mind.  View the information critically as well as intellectually and know that there might very well be a cure as well as preventative measures.  Then ask yourself, how dedicated you are to curing your loved ones of autism or perhaps alleviating autistic symptoms.

We'll see you next week!

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