Monday, December 5, 2016

Is There A Cure For Autism?

Welcome to AuSumness.

We've found some pretty ausum information in regards to diet and autism and we'll be breaking it up, putting it in easy, fast summaries over a few months and sharing it with our readers.

If you have tips or excellent resources with helpful information about autism, feel free to share the links in the comments.  There is a lot of information out there.  Some misleading, a lot of confusing stuff and contractions that we can't even keep up with.

We are not doctors.  We are parents of two boys with autism that are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  We are just sharing what we've read and you can do what you want with this information.  Everyone is different and dieting affects folks in different ways.  What may work for one may not work for another.  We are willing to try it all out.  Especially, if it is a natural way.

I recently asked, in our group, if there were a cure for autism, would you give it to your loved ones.  I was a bit stunned by the responses.  Not in a negative way, but more of a, I never looked at it that way, kind of way.  Hehehe...

Here are some of their responses:

"I'm afraid of what trying to cure him would do to his personality. How much of it is due to his autism."

"For me no, better understanding of the spectrum is what is pray for."

"My friend says, she loves her children and each has their own quirkiness that makes them unique. She wouldn't stop loving them if they were cured, but doesn't want a cure."

"As far as cure, if it would let me know and reassure my worries that he would lead a "normal" life and not be dependent, then yes, definitely a cure and of course, it depended on what the cure is and what it all entailed. "

"Not if it were to change his attitude and his little quirks.I worry about his future a lot, and I worry about his ability to cope with things but I wouldn't change him... he has a beautiful loving soul and has touched many lives when they have stopped their assumptions about him."

"Autism is not a disease, therefore there can be no "cure". Why would anyone want to change the way their child is? That means changing WHO they are. I find that the parents who are seeking a "cure" are usually the parents who have difficulty really and truly accepting their children. It is as though they are in denial, and/or they are mourning the loss of the child that they wanted but never had (instead they got this "imperfect" child and they need to figure out a way to "repair" them)."

"In asking one of my sons if he wished he was like the other kids at school or like his sister... His response is this... 'I'm not like the other kids. I like me and I'm happy'. How could I want a cure?"

I am totally into curing my children of autism, if it is indeed possible.  I wouldn't think twice as long as they were not harmed in the process.  Does this mean I love my children less?  That I don't love them for who they are?  That is for each and every one of us to decide for ourselves.

I was totally put off by the overwhelming responses from loving parents who didn't want a cure for autism. At least for their children.  It certainly made me think twice, but my husband and I agreed, we want a cure if there is one.  We are very concerned about our children's future and we know, with their degree of autism, living independently isn't an option.  We watch our children suffer and struggle with everyday, little things, most people take for granted.  I'd love to see my boys live a less stressful life.  Minimising their chaotic way of thinking and living is necessary to be a happy, productive contributor to our community.  Understanding others feelings as we all as their own is hugely important in every day life.  If I can make life a bit easier for my family, I'm in.

According to a lot of research out there, some people can be cured through eating habits and those are what we will mostly be focusing on.  We'll look into marijuana as well as a possible injection.  I still need to get further info on that one.

I also found interesting statistics in regards to preventing autism if you are pregnant as well as vaccination and the condition of your children's health that might also interest you.  All to come!

If you would like to answer the cure question, join us in our group or leave a comment.  Just keep it friendly and do not push your judgment on others, please.

Next week, we'll be looking in to the gluten and casein free diet as a means of curing autism.

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