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Pregnancy and a Candid Look at Possible Causes of Autism

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Last week we asked the question, if there were a cure for Autism, would you give it a try.  We were pretty surprised by the reactions we received and we shared them in last week's edition.  Today, I said I would start talking about the gluten and casein free diet, but I'm saving it for next week.  I thought I would mention a few findings I read about pregnancy and autism.

Depending on what you read, you may have found that autism is largely linked to genes.  There is a lot of research going on out there and not all of it is hooked on this idea and you shouldn't be either.  We all need to take a very open view on all topics across the spectrum.  We must never think that there is no cure or that we can't stop this.

Some of you might be asking yourself, "I don't know of anyone in the family with any kind of autism or other similar mental incapacities.  So, how are ALL of these cases genetic?!"  That's what we've been thinking in our family.  Going back on both sides, searching for something and coming up with nothing and no one.

According to a Lancet report I read and several others, they made the conclusion that only a small percentage of autistic children is actually gene related.  The Lancet, Dr. Mercola and many other professionals are attributing autism to toxins, gut flora, vitamin deficiencies, food, toxins, medicine, iron deficiency and other non gene factors.

The most important part here, is for pregnant ladies to understand how their diet and environment can have a serious effect on their baby's health.  Of course, a cleaner, less toxic environment will help greatly reduce the risk of Autism.  As will sufficient vitamin consumption, notably vitamin D as well as an understanding of their own gut flora and the means of knowing all of the aspects of having a healthy child.  We're specifically going with autism related health, but LEARN just what is toxic.  You may be surprised or perhaps not thought of it.  Check out this list for starters:

Gut flora are microorganisms that live in our digestive tracts.  It provides a barrier or block to pathogenic organisms.  Inflammatory and autoimmune conditions can occur when gut flora is not at its best. (Wikipedia)  Gut flora can be improved through diet.  there is amazing connection between the gut and brain which is why it is so important to have healthy bowels.

Tests can be done to check the condition of your gut flora.  I did get a check for the condition and leakage of my digestive tracts and came out clean!  So this was not, more than likely, how my children acquired Autism either.

There is a connection with this and the next blog.  Diet as means of mending both gut flora and  minimising autistic symptoms.  We just thought the research was well worth knowing and something to consider for pregnant or those ladies wanting to become pregnant.

The other factor, which is a bit of a bomb and may cause some reactions and that is vaccinations.  Before you jump to any conclusion, make sure you do your research first.  Keep an open mind and read further and see if any of it makes sense and perhaps do some research on your own if you are not satisfied.  The two sides are driving me crazy!  I have no idea which one to believe.  As I mentioned, we saw a night and day difference after my youngest had the MMR vaccine.  So, I don't think it would be smart to rule this out yet and there is good credible research with valid explanations of how vaccines can have ill effects. You can find whatever opinion it is you are looking for and I supposed that largely depends on where you are coming from.  Read it ALL with an open, critical mind and do what you think is best for your family.

I wanted to leave links, but then you might be left as confused as myself!  I suppose, perhaps the largest factor to consider is, if vaccines WERE a cause of autism, what would be the consequence?  Think of the organisations behind it all and the ripple effects that would occur if the connection of autism to vaccines would be proven.  If you start a search of autism and vaccines, the majority of the information found would be pro vaccine.  I'll share a few varying links.  I apologise if I leave you in the confused situation we are in.  Hehehe...

Autism-Vaccine Link: Evidence Doesn't Dispel Doubts - WebMD (I really found the first article here, interesting.)

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