Sunday, August 12, 2018

Explicit Attention Taken For Lack of Regard and Autism

Happy Sunday, Lovely People.

I thought I might share a little more about our experience with Autism in hopes of enlightening you in a direction which may still harbor shadows. 

JJ is very, very clumsy as are many people dealing with symptoms of Autism. I would infer that it's due to the explicit attention to one thing (that most of us do naturally or even innately). 

When JJ is cruising down a path on his scooter he has little, what might appear to be regard, for others also on that path. Some might grumble and think it rude, that this child does not ride more thoughtfully when actually ALL of his thought is concentrated on riding that step. 

It is very much like a toddler who is just learning to walk. They are concentrating so much on their wonderfully moving legs, that they do not focus on where it is they are going. I've learned to be more patient of people who "appear" to be thoughtless in their juxtaposition to me and others and I hope you will, too. 

Keep in mind, we all have different ways of thinking and some of our brains are wired differently than others.  Either way, kindness is always the best response.  Especially, when it's difficult.  You just never know what those people's shoes have walked through.

This world could certainly use more patience, understanding and kindness.

Take our tips and apply them to your everyday life.  Be the example.

Thanks for checking out Ausumness!

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